Coffee Meets Bagel Review

Nowadays, online dating applications have gained popularity among singles who want to experience love by finding their perfect matches online. Coffee Meets Bagel (CBM) ( was launched in 2012 and garnered millions of dates and even made lasting relationships around the world.

What Exactly is Coffee Meets Bagel?

Coffee Meets Bagel is an application that you can download either in Apple Store or Google Play Store. Since online dating sites have been around for quite sometime, I guess what separates this site from the others is the fact that they are after authenticity and quality. We already have this judgment that dating sites are not reliable and that people seem unreal. This what caught me up with CBM. Its goal to give singles the chance to share themselves more real is something that gives the “dating world” a better opportunity to find their perfect relationships that can possibly last forever.

How Does It Work?

Like any other dating sites, creating your profile is the number one step that you need to accomplish. Unlike any other dating sites which allow you to just create your profile the way you want it to be, CBM requires authentication. When I got mine, it required me to log in to my Facebook account as part of the account set up. This I guess, gives me more security because Facebook is somehow a more reliable source of information more than the others. Aside from that, you need to provide other information that will authenticate your account such as physical appearance, and personal background (education, occupation, etc). The interesting part is that your Facebook photos will be automatically stored in your CBM application. That means that Facebook equals CBM account. How wonderful is that, right?

Setting up your profile can be as who you are because it allows you to give a little bit about yourself – your likes, dislikes, your personal interest, and so on. It is more detailed as compared to other dating sites. You can be as creative yes as real as you can be to attract more singles.

Next is how to make your contacts. Once you created your best profile, you are now ready to make contacts. More than swiping and choosing your match, this dating site enables to tap PASS or LIKE to the profiles presented to you. Profiles are more than just pretty faces. More so, the background of singles that will give you a glimpse of the person to decide whether to connect with them or not.

Is It User Friendly?

Its design and and usability are simple and minimalist in nature. Whether you are a “tech expert” or a first-time user, you will definitely love the site. It is not complicated to understand the“ins and outs” of the site. Generally speaking, it is user friendly.

How About the Membership Fee?

In terms of membership, CBM offers just $35 premium membership fee for a month. It's in the moderate level as compared to other dating sites. You have the option to pay for just one month or up to one year premium membership. You can even avail for discounts as you avail a longer period f membership.

Do You Recommend CBM?

Yes, definitely. They have a month premium membership that will be a good start if you want to try this dating application. Who knows, this site might give you the love relationship that you are looking for!

Are you ready to rediscover dating? Consider CBM.